HELP, BC has no impulse control at all and idk what to do

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My 6 month old BC (Apollo) has a major control problem, and no amount of correction seems to work. He actively looks for paper to tear up, he counter dives, and steals my shoes right in front of me, often waiting for me to be distracted to grab them and run off to tear into them.

He’s well exercised, frisbee training is good, and also has PLENTY of toys, hundreds of dollars worth of them, Including puzzles.

He’s very smart, he figured out how to open doors, sneak quietly up stairs after getting around the barrier to tear paper up, and is well aware that his behavior is wrong, and figures out a way to do it behind my back.

It’s gotten to the point where I have to kennel him most of the time, which I hate doing, but I just can’t let him roam freely unless I can supervise every move he makes

I need him to have better house manners, so he can enjoy being out and around without worry.

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