[HELP] Are all puppies like this?

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My puppy is 3 months old today. He's smart as a whip, bitey and barky, but I expected that. What I didn't expect was for him to be so aware and so clingy. Only with me. He won't let me do anything. I can do dishes and chores and stuff with him running around by my feet but when I sit to do classwork he wont allow it.

He will be eating across the room and if I pick up a pencil or my computer he is right there. Bark bark bark, bite bite bite, jump on me jump on me. If I ignore it he will go sit by the door to be let out. I let him out and he bounds into the snow, saturating his fur and then bounds right back in and sits for his treat.

He won't just sit and cuddle though he has to bite bite bite. If I have him in the bed with me he will only lay by my feet but if I am on the couch he wants to be in my lap. If i distract him he will lay there and chew his toy but only in my lap and he starts biting and jumping on me if I pick anything up.

There are little resources online for his breed, and nobody around here has any experience with them. I dont know if its him specifically, his breed, or just a puppy thing. Is anyone else's puppy like this? I am falling behind in my classwork and I don't know what to do.

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