[HELP] am i 1) a bad companion; 2) too poor to be a companion; or 3) both

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My sweet puppy is just over 4 months. She's good on the leash, great a sitting and laying down, will give her paw now, comes when we call… she's a sweet baby.

I took her to the vet for her last round of core shots this weekend and the vet found that she had chipped one of her canines. Shit.

I know exactly when it happened: last Friday at the office she was chewing on a bone.

Anyway, my fiance and I hadn't yet purchased insurance before that vet visit. We'd been talking about it, knew it wasn't too bad, but hadn't done it quite yet. The vet put the note in her file that she has a chipped tooth, and then recommended we get it pulled. So we're looking at an uninsured tooth-pulling.

I called around to the numbers our (somewhat expensive) vet gave us to start getting an idea of cost. I about lost it when I heard $1200.

$1200 to pull a tooth. That includes x-rays, anesthesia, consultation, blood work, meds, etc.

$1200 for a puppy tooth. Of course I knew a puppy would come with costs, and I think that I've been pretty good about checking things off the list. Core shots, toys, joint meds, good food, training tools, fur supplements… I'm staying on it.

$1200 is a fucking nightmare though guys. I don't need to give the explanation sob story, I know many of you would be in the same boat. I love my little girl, I'll do what I have to do for her, but $1200 for a tooth?

Any advice would be so appreciated. I'm in the DC area. This just seems astronomically high, but maybe I'm naive. I bring 3 animals to the clinic where we went, haha honestly I am a little peeved that they couldn't help us out with the note–at this point I'm just generally upset.

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