[HELP] 9 month puppy regressing on wait command, just typical teenager behavior?

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My 9 month old unconfirmed beagle/shiba/something else mix that I've had since she was 2 months has always been food obsessed and resource aggressive. I always make her wait before putting down her food bowl and make her wait about 30 seconds until I release her and she inhales the food in about a minute (has always been the case). She used to be really patient while waiting, would even let me bend down and pet her before releasing. But now we've got some really troubling behavior. If I even move, or make her wait more than 15 seconds-ish, her ears go flat and she starts growling. A few times now she even just went for the bowl, not even waiting for me to release. At that point I can't grab her bowl away, I'll have to call her away with some peanut butter and sneak the bowl away (assuming she listens to me calling). My first instinct when she starts growling while waiting is to pick up her bowl and start again, but I just know the minute I even bend down let alone lay my hand on her bowl to pick it up she will charge the bowl and get aggressive.

While she's eating she'll let you pet her back (wasn't always the case), and if I have peanut butter and call her she'll even turn away from her bowl to lap up the peanut butter before going back to eating. She will still not let you put your hand near her face/bowl though, but we were getting there.

This new development really scares me though, I feel like we've slipped so far back now for no reason. I know pups tend to test their limits around this age, is this it? It seems more than just being naughty. She's getting worse with this aggression and I don't like it. I really need her to be more relaxed around food seeing as she likes to get her beagle face into everything. What should I do here?

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