Help! 😩 when is it too soon to contract a trainer?

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I rescued a cute puppy about a month an a half ago… vet assumes he is about 2 months old almost 3 months

I’m having such a hard time with crate training him throughout the day… he sleeps in the crate throughout the night but when it is time for me to go to work it is constant crying and barking… I leave the house at about 7am and my mom comes over at about 11am to let him out and use the restroom. I’m home by 2:30pm.

The barking and crying has gotten so bad that I’ve closed off an area in my room and have him roam around that area… at first, I thought that would keep him calm because he isn’t inside the crate but the barking and crying continues even when he isn’t in the crate…

He has a lot of energy so before work I try to tire him out by playing with him and running around in the back yard but that doesn’t help at all 😩

He’s teething so the biting doesn’t help this situation out at all…

I’m reading books, watching YouTube videos, and have even asked for help from others because I feel like I’m going crazy 😔 I feel horrible…like I can’t handle my own dog but I love him so much and don’t want to give up… (Sorry, this turned into a venting session)

Which is why I’m here lol Is it too soon to have a trainer step in? My BF thinks that our puppy might be to young to retain large amount of information from a trainer…I think, “why wait?” Lol

I know I shouldn’t expect miracles and the perfect puppy who doesn’t bark or cry (considering I rescued him at 2 1/2 weeks old and he was weaned off from his mom so young) but it’s getting to be too much 😩

What do you guys think? Am I crazy?!

Nice comments please lol I already feel bad about posting on here! 🙈

Thanks in advance!

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