Heinz Just Induced The Most Important Super Bowl Commercial Ever

In the history of Super Bowl commercials, few have approached this rank of perfection. When Heinz decided to roll out a Super Bowl ad for their famous flavorings, they knew that they needed to create something that beings across the country could identify with — so they decided to go with the great equalizer: puppies.

And in the dog world, the stately dachshund predominates supreme. They’re silly, they’re adorable, and they pair astonishingly well with ketchup. I symbolize, they find themselves announced “wiener dogs.” You’ll be able to bask in the greatnes of this weenie stampede on Sunday, but why not get in on the merriment a little bit early?

Some ads on play era are total duds, but this one precisely won the Super Bowl. I hope that the two teams understand.

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