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Hi, so I've had my border collie for a few weeks. She has a lot of energy. When she is hyper, she is pretty excitable. While she is on leash, I struggle to keep her attention to heeling. We go on hours long walks each day and she understands what 'heel' means, especially towards the end. However, it is during those periods of excitability that I struggle to keep her attention and to remember that 'heel' is a command that is supposed to be followed at all times.

My method has largely consisted of clicker training. When she tugs at the leash (I give her about 12 inches of slack), I firmly but gently lead her the opposite way and make her sit until my command to before continuing in the same direction we had been going before. This has really helped but I still struggle with how to impress that understanding of WHY we just did the roundabout (her tugging at the leash) to her attention span. She remembers of what 'heel' means in the minute or two after the roundabout routine. Without consistent regulation, she reverts. By regulation I mean reward in the forms of praise/treats or punishment in the forms of roundabout/sit and a firm but gentle 'no' immediately when she tugs at the leash.

I was just wondering what tips or tricks might be recommended in this scenario. She has been making great strides in this. She is now more likely than not to just walk directly adjacent to me. However, it is when she gets excited that she looses track and the maintenance and regulation regime kicks in. I live in a relatively dense city so those periods of excitability can be spurred by a lot of things and can be sustained due to the consistently changing environment.

tl;dr looking for strategies/tips to keep my dog 'heeling' even three or four minutes after speaking the command.

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