Heartworm+ dog – near infinite energy and a harness/collar escape artist… How do I manage all of this?

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Hi there everyone, the title really summarises it but my lab mix, Nova, is a grown puppy that has almost unlimited energy. Since she's been heartworm positive, I have to avoid any activity that increases her heart rate or some serious complications could happen. Unfortunately I have to walk her a block to go to the bathroom. Usually there isn't a huge problem taking her on walks of she's sedated on her prescription or it's early/late in the day, but on a walk after her first meal she becomes a bat out of hell.

She constantly wants to zoom around, and because I can't let her, I shorten the leash. I don't think it's the best thing I can do, and what makes this extra stressful is that she can easily slip out of any harness and collar that I've bought, despite me spending a while adjusting straps and whatnot. However I have no idea what to do about it. I've tried toys to distract her, but she only cares about them indoors. Treats are something I might look into, but I'm nervous I'll accidentally reward her energy bursts rather than mitigate them.

Basically, I'm at a total loss at what to do. Keeping her heart rate in check has made this so much more scary.. any suggestions on equipment to calm her down or restrain her better, training/management techniques, or just someone who can relate would be really appreciated.

Thank you!

Addition: I also want to mention that, when exercised properly, she was a pretty good on a leash! She would only have zoomies when she knew it was an area where I wanted to her spazz out. I'm pretty confident that this is sourced from pent up stress/boredom, despite the crap ton of chew/puzzle toys :''')

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