He just won’t stop biting!

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My 11-ish week old black mouth cur mix is an angel about 75% of the time. I brought him home a week and a half ago and he's been great mostly. The last few days he has gotten extremely mouthy, though. Saying "OW" in a high pitched voice seems to excite him and make him bite more, ignoring him and walking away works in the moment, but I'm not seeing real progress with it. Another issue is I'm living back at home for the time being and my parents have a 9 year old yellow lab. Their lab absolutely adores my puppy and they play quite a bit, with the senior dog initiating a lot. However, I've noticed my puppy biting him A LOT now, nipping at his legs and neck. I wasn't sure how to approach this and figured the senior would put him in his place when he got too rough. He usually does, but he has been letting a lot of the biting slide. I'm not comfortable with this, and now have started telling the puppy "easy" when he starts up biting, and when that doesn't work, putting the puppy in his crate when he gets too rough with the senior dog. I'm really worried I won't fix this in time and end up with an aggressive dog. Any advice would be so appreciated! TIA

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