He doesn’t like big or fluffy dogs!

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So I’m currently dealing with my 6 month old miniature dachshund. He’s normally very responsive to training (and food), but when we’re out for a walk, he just barks at other dogs. It’s not a relaxed bark either, all the hair on his back stands up.

He is not an aggressive dog in the slightest, and mostly when I take him up to the other dog he calms down and plays. However it’s hard to explain that he’s not aggressive over all the barking, and his barking might trigger a protective response from the other dog.

He has never had a bad experience with another dog, and when he’s at the park he plays with the big dogs that he knows all the time, so why is it that he barks at dogs on walks? He does this off the lead as well as on the lead.

He completely shuts me out when it happens, and I can’t get through to him at all, I’ve tried calming him and redirecting his attention, I’ve tried mimicking “nipping” on his side as his mother would, ignoring it etc. and nothing works.

Im really at my wits end here, can anyone help me?

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