Havachon biting through jeans and drawing blood sometimes.

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Our puppy is almost 10 weeks old. I'm home with the puppy all day, and we've finally turned the corner where he's listening and not hurting me with his critter teeth! BUT he's really hurting my husband. He goes crazy play attacking his jeans and eventually pinches or scratches with his teeth to where my husband panics and starts pulling away, which of course makes it worse.

We are trying "look at me" and then rewarding with food, but as soon as husband starts walking, pup is back at it. I'll also call the puppy to me and reward with food, and then he just boomerangs back. Husband has tried saying "owe!" and looking away. We've tried to entice with toys to substitute a good behavior.

Tonight, I suggested that my husband take off his jeans, but that back fired because the puppy just went after his calves.

Please help! I don't want this to become an ingrained behavior.

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