Has anyone else experienced lunging/nipping during walks? How can I better handle this in the future?

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So, I know this is a shot in the dark, but has anyone else been nipped and jumped up on by a dog during a walk? It has happened to me twice when I used to volunteer, I stopped when I moved states for school, and I want to know if theres a way to prevent it? I don't interact with these dogs for longer than a couple hours at most so I can't really train them long term. Before I get asked, I did inform their foster coordinator so she could help them get into training and whatnot. This is nothing against the dogs themselves, they were both amazing, but this has happened twice to me so it has to be something I'm doing. I think I know where I went wrong but I want to know how I can handle this better if it happens again. Both dogs were absolute gems, one was roughly a year and the other was 10 months, and they walked perfectly fine for the most part.

To avoid a very long post I'll summarize. The one year old was a larger medium sized dog and the 10 month old was a very tall, very lanky mutt. They were both great to start, but after one point in both of their walks I believe I flipped the play switch and they both didn't realize how big they really are. Essentially they were trying to play by jumping up and nipping at me, neither actually bit down on me but they left many bruises and small cuts, and I want to know how I can avoid this in the future. My adrenaline was kicked in overtime, but getting a leash in their mouth as they jumped prevented many nips. The 10 month old was easily past my hip when he sat, I'm 5'6, and he did lunge up and nip another volunteer when she took him out. I'm assuming me trying to get them both to stop was seen as more playing and kept them both wanting to play.

The one year old I jogged with him for a moment and when I began walking he began getting jumpy/mouthy, and the 10 month old I sat to pet for a few minutes to drink some water before walking again and he got jumpy/mouthy. I want to know how I can better handle this and prevent it in the future, it was a very rapid escalation but there were no signs of aggression. They both had their tails wagging and all that jazz. No whites of eyes, ears back, or snarling.

I found somewhere to volunteer while I'm at school and I'm excited to get back into it, but I would really like to know if this has happened to other people and how I can prevent it and better handle it in the future. Thanks!!

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