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I have a 15 week old Shiba Inu who has started pulling really hard for walks. I'm working on training him but since I live in an apartment he must wear a harness or collar everytime he goes out to potty. When he wears the collar and pulls I can hear him breathing hard and sometimes hacking because he's pulling so hard. Right now I have a very basic harness (basically one nylon band that goes around his middle, one that goes around his chest, and one that connects the two bands). He still manages to pull so hard on the harness that he will sometimes hack.

There are so many varieties of harnesses that I've seen and I'm wondering if there are any that are perhaps more comfortable for my dog. Something that'll allow me to keep training him better leash manners but that won't be choking him in the meantime. One other requirement: it has to be escape proof because Shibas will pull in every direction to attempt to escape sometimes! So what are the best harnesses out there? (Or should I wait to invest in a nice harness until he's full grown?)

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