Hard to remember dog is just a dog

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Before I got my dog I cringed at the pampered dog culture of today. Dog boutiques, dog spas, subscription dog meals, dog birthday celebrations, the list goes on and on.

I believed in the mostly outdoor dog. The strong, fiercely loyal, learn your own lessons dog. Old Yeller…without the rabbis thing. The dog that ate only dog food and not Pawkin Spice Jerky treats.

Of course puppies require attention but it's safe to say that my dog will never be that dog. While I don't do the extreme pampering, he is so so special to me. My life definitely revolves a lot around him. I've become more concerned about him getting enough exercise and quality food than myself.

But this morning, I'm letting him be "just a dog". I didn't go outside with him for 45 min or hang out with him in his part of the house. I came in my study to work on my computer without distractions, after writing about him lol. I feel bad because now he's napping less than an hour after he woke up and hasn't exercised yet, but he's just a dog. (he's 9 mo now)

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