Hard times making my dobey/german shep mark and poop in our new room

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Heya, I'm sort of losing my mind and could use some advice.

My girlfriend rescued a dog last Fall, and he's a very smart, very good boy. He is crate very well crate trained, knows a lot of commands and reacts well to them, when he's not too excited. He's about 1.5 y/o by vets best guess. In May my gf and the dog moved in with me, and it's been great.

GF went on vacation over seas at the end of June, and around the same time, one room mate moved out, opening up a bigger, better room for us. The first few days she was away everything was fine, and we were still sleeping in the room he had grown accustomed to. After that I started sleeping with him on the floor of the new room to try to break him into the idea of being in there, which seemed effective. He loves to play in the new room and never has problems overnight sleeping on the floor.

Two days ago he marked a spot on the curtain for the sliding door, which he has never done in any living arrangement before, including a shithole house with like three cats and all kinds of moldy water damage smells everywhere. It was the middle of the day, and he had been let out fairly recently, so it seemed odd, but i cleaned it up and brought some of his toys into the room, and everything seemed good. Then late late last night he pooped on the floor in the room within half an hour of being let out, while I was at the gas station for 15 minutes. About 30 minutes ago I decided I was going to take him for a walk and see if the extra stimulation would help the situation, and while I was getting my socks and shoes on, he pooped in the room again. Literally 5 minutes after I had gone out with him to pee. This dog poops on the command "go poop", which I made sure to say, and give him plenty of time to carry out the mission or come back inside. After the third time I said it he walked up to the door so I let him in, and then he pooped immediately.

He has never, never had an accident inside, and he's done three in the last three days. I know it's tough between new house, now new room, Mama has been gone for over a week, and wont be back for days. I'm doing everything I can to not lose my shit, I know yelling and getting angry is only likely to exacerbate the situation, but I also can not accept a 4th incident. I don't know how to train a dog. I've never done it before. What am I messing up? What can I do? Thank you in advance! Sorry for the rant, hair is literally turning gray before my eyes.

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