Handicapped Dog Shuttles Around Her Bestie Who Can’t See Or Hear

The Beatles had it right when they sang, “I get by with a bit assistance from my friends…”

And if any two friends know this to be true, it’s Susie the blind and deaf pup and her sidekick Holly. Holly is paralyzed in her hind legs, but that doesn’t stop the two from being positively inseparable.

Watch how they get around — it’s utterly adorable!

Their mom, Norma Miedema, is so proud of her adorable children that she invariably posts videos and photos of them on her Facebook.

How cute are they ?!

See even more of their adorableness here:

These two cuties live on a farm with tons of other rescued animals. If you’d like to help Miedema out with her expenses, you can find out more information on her site here and her Facebook.( Alerting: they’re regrettably in Dutch .)

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