GSD Screaming at Cats

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I've posted about Rosie (5mo) before. She came from a puppymill and has had a lot of problems house training. We have made progress on house training as well as crate training and general obedience but she now has started screaming at our cats. We have 3 cats that we've had since before we took her in. She had no problems with them previously, as a small puppy they swatted at her once or twice and that was it. Now she tries to chase them and pin them down. She doesn't seem to be aggressive, just playful but she is far too rough. If we stop her or the cats get away (they have a lot of high up, dog free places) she screams it is a blood curdling screech that you can hear from the sidewalk near our house. It has only gotten worse since she started and it is to the point now that any time she sees a cat she cannot pin down she screams. Any advise at all? I've thought about the collars that emit a noise when she barks but I'd much prefer to try to train her to not do that to begin with.

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