Groodle will not stop jumping on strangers

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Our 16 month old groodle, Harriet, will not stop lunging at and jumping on strangers during walks. These days she has gotten better with not doing it to every single passer-byer, but if someone comes up to greet her she will be trying her hardest to jump.

We've tried so many things including getting her to sit first and rewarding her, holding her back until she sits and keeps all paws on the ground, and each time I try to pull her back if she gets a jump in so as to not make contact with the person. She will sit – but will then get immediately back up and continue jumping. We can't trust to even let her off leash at the dog park because she will usually bolt straight past the other dogs and go and jump on the owners.

The worst part of it all is the strangers that will pat her and reinforce the behavior even if we ask them not to! They will just say "oh it's fine" or, "my dog does this too so I'm used to it!".

What are some alternate ways of trying to cure this problem? We feel like we cannot rely on just getting her to sit and the stranger ignoring her (they won't). Please help!

Edit: she doesn't jump on us at home, or on people she knows. It's like she knows it's the wrong thing to but chooses to do it anyway, or can't control herself when excited.

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