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I have a 2.5 yo Carolina Dog (American Dingo). Great dog. Lover. Cuddler. Protective when I need him to be (mostly he looks mean and barks at people I don't want on my property).

Here's my issue: when I'm outside with him in the yard, sometimes he'll get overly excited. When he does, he runs at me and jumps, like he's trying to bite my hands. I'm usually able to dodge it pretty quick, but if I'm not paying attention, he'll hit me in my butt, legs or arms. I say hit, because he doesn't seem to be biting. Moreso using his snout as a fist with which to punch me.

When he's like that, he won't listen to me. I tell him no, but I can't grab him to get him to stop lest I be bitten. The only way I get him to stop is to back up, dodging all the way, and go onto my porch.

Internet suggested when he does this, turn around and ignore him. Issue is, he just hits me in the back and doesn't stop. Naturally, I don't want to commit to doing this..

Any ideas?

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