Great Dane is super friendly except to tenant that is same race as previous owner. Tried to bite.

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We have a 19 month old neutered male great dane (neutered at 12mos) and he came to us January/2018. He was with his first owner from 4mos-11mos and as far as we know, he was well cared for. He’s never showed any signs of aggression or fear. He was trained to be an indoor dog (potty training, sit,stay,bed, leave little kids alone while eating, etc). But the previous owner was in over his head in the end and had it previously set up to be returned to his breeder if they couldn’t care for him, so thats what they did and we ended up with him (went straight from him to us). (Because this is the only similarity, I have to state the previous owner is middle eastern.) So a few times we would be at my parents and this tenant of theirs would come out and our dog would be very uncomfortable around him, growling and stand off-ish. But recently we were outside at my parents and Again he was doing great, but then the tenant came outside and my dane who was nearby tried to bite him but luckily only got his shirt. (He did growl in warning first.) It was out of the blue and nothing like his character. He’s been to all sorts of public events and always laid back and does great. Again the only similarity is the tenant is middle eastern. Luckily the gentleman was understanding and not mad. But we obviously have to do something to prevent this from happening again. We’ve heard having the tenant feed him treats to get him comfortable with him. But any other suggestions? Since we dont live there, he doesn’t see him too regularly. And meantime my parents have his half brother who’s older, and three labs, and all are completely fine around him. Thank you in advance for suggestions/advice.

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