Grandparents dog doesn’t respect personal space and scratches super hard. Help!!

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I’m visiting my grandparents at the moment and they have a 6 year old black lab. Unfortunately this dog is massively obese and weighs about 150lbs. They’ve got him on a “diet”, although my grandma almost certainly still gives him hot dogs when she thinks he looks sad. Yes, it’s a huge problem and the dog is massively unhealthy and I’m trying to work with them on it, that’s not the issue here.

This 150lb dog is a total sweetheart and thinks he’s a lap dog and has no sense of personal space. He leans into me and nearly knocks me over, and he REALLY likes to heavily paw at you even if you’re actively petting him. He also constantly has his mouth open (panting because he’s so obese) and although he doesn’t bite he often… swings his open mouth at your hand? Resulting in getting kind of hit with his teeth.

He knows a few commands (sit, shake, speak, down), and maybe his enthusiasm to shake is causing the pawing and scratching? I don’t have a lot of experience in correcting dog behavior, how should I handle the situations when I’m petting him and he starts scratching me really hard with his paws or inadvertently with his teeth?

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