Google’s new app Crowdsource asks users to help with translation, transcription& more

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A new Google application called Crowdsource has calmly appeared on Google Play, asking customers to act brieftasks that will help improve the quality of Google works like Maps, translation, image transcription, and more. The app, surprisingly, doesnt offering any sort of honors or micropayments in return for consumers toil, nonetheless which signifies it wont be often of a threat to distributed workforce scaffolds like Amazons Mechanical Turk, for example.

Its also exclusively focused on facilitating Google improve its own works , not tasksfrom third parties, as on Mechanical Turk.

The brand-new app was firstly discerned by the blog Android Police. Google confirmed to TechCrunch this is a pilot project, posted this morning.

Crowdsource asks users what languages theyre fluent in, ahead of allowing them to handle translation requests. Beyond that, it peculiarity big buttons that let you choose from a selection of micro-tasks like likenes transcription, handwriting acknowledgment, translation and translation validation, as well as map translation validation.

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