Good Puppy Day- Fluke?? (lol)

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My hound mix (probably with lab and I see some pitt in her face) is 18 weeks. She is a rescue pup of unknown situation, and I have had her since 12 weeks. She has her moments of sweetness, she potty trained easy, she catches on well to commands, today I got her to a down sit for quite a while, she accepts her crate, all great things. The bad things= she is timid when we are out in the world (but getting over it to a degree), can get way overstimulated in the presence of other dogs, is bad on the leash, she jumps on counters, steals things, and worst of the worst right now– she bites us or our clothes, especially when we are trying to sit on the floor with her to pet her.

Today, she was absolutely amazing, with very minimal biting!!! I was even able to sit on the floor with her after dinner and pet her and she just laid down next to me and closed her eyes.

The big difference today from any other day is that I gave her a bully stick. It kept her occupied for all those times in the day when we are trying to get work done from home,. She still got her walks, time playing soccer in the yard, her training sessions, her toys, and her nap in the crate. But, the bully stick appears to have rocked her little world and made her like a dream dog. She didn't even try to break free of the kitchen or steal things or rip off the table cloth if we dared leave her alone for 15 seconds (she did still counter surf lol). She also fell asleep earlier than she usually does….Can a bully stick do this, or is this some massive fluke that will never repeat????

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