Golden retriever puppy blues, please share your experiences and advice :(

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Hi! So me and my husband got a golden retriever puppy a week ago, he's now 9 weeks old and I feel terrible because of wanting a dog and getting my husband to agree. I thought goldens are good dogs 😀 and I knew that the puppy stage will be hard, but this one seems like a devil.

He barks and whines a lot! We've managed to teach him to bark less if we leave for a couple of hours (so now he only barks a couple of times every now and then when we're gone) but he still goes grazy when we come home (though we won't go right to him and open the crate when we come home because we try to get him used to the idea that even if we come home it's not that big of an idea, instead we go to bathroom and put away the food and etc. before we calmly let him out). We try to wait for him to stop barking, then say good, and then go to him but most of the time the barking is crazy. I thought that he will become one with separation anxiety but now I'm seeing hope in that matter (we left him with dried trahhea when we went out so that he gets something especially yummy in these occasions but now I read that it could be dangerous). Still, the barking is very stressful. He also barks when he really wants to go somewhere but can't.

The other thing that worries me is that he contracts his muscels above his nose so that I can see his teeth when he play bites. He does it only when he's aroused and wants to bite everything but it's rather scary to see his teeth this way. Now I'm worried that he could be aggressive in the future. I can only see his teeth right before he tries to bite either my finger or a toy but one evening he's teeth were shown even after he released the toy and he looked at me (it felt like he was so ready to bite again and in the biting mood that he didn't let the lips down rather than being aggressive but it was scary). Probably it's just a natural reaction to lift the upper lip at one side or both of the mouth to take something between his teeth but I assumed dogs let their lips hang freely before trying to bite a toy.. 👀

And the third thing that worries me is that he has already started to hump things (other dogs, a towel, my leg). The idea of humping is really disturbing for us 🙁 we usually just push him away calmly and try to distract him with other things.. But still, we're worried. Other dog parents we've talked to didn't seem to have this issue. And we found that castrating isn't that good for his health.

We ofc haven't slept through the night, since we get up to take him to potty outside (this is good, he doesn't really want to potty in his crate) and he doesn't bark at night usually. The mornings are the hardest because he has so much energy and one frustrating thing is that he tries to destroy our curtains. On the other hand, he has courage, we've taken him to the town and he won't bark at new things. But still, we're worried, tired and I have cried a multiple times. It depressing, other people look at him and say he is so cute but I only see trouble. He has been cute when he sleeps but usually I think that the sleepiness ends soon and then we have the devil again. It feels like I've ruined our life.

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