Going to two different daycares?

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Hello I have a probably silly question…my puppy just started going to daycare yesterday. The one she currently is going to is only 5 minutes up the road from my work, has great reviews, and I liked the vibe I got from them when I was asking questions. My issue with this place is that sometimes I work until after they are closed.

There is another daycare that has much more convenient hours but is more expensive and 15 minutes out of my way.

My question is, would bringing her to two different daycares be a good or bad thing? I feel like it could be good because it means more socialization for her.

I have tried Rover and the girl I used to like has been slipping. Using Rover means that Nova is kenneled while no one is home, also sometimes Rover has to come twice which is the same price as daycare where she gets to play all day…

Thanks for reading and here's my [pet tax](Smiling in her Sleep https://imgur.com/gallery/5RbcNMI)

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