Going to the bathroom on a walk with our other dog.

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Hey everyone, my girlfriend and I recently adopted a second golden doodle from another family. He is about one and a half, the other is two, and very well trained in general and has a great temperament. The only issues were having with him so far is that he is a bit of work to kennel up and strangely he will only poop on a walk by himself. I am not worried about the kennel problem, as we've only had him a little under a month and I am sure he will get used to it, he is great once he gets in the kennel. The bathroom problem has me very confused though. He will pee with our other dog on walks, but won't poop for whatever reason. I have to go let our other dog inside and take him back our before he will do his business. I have tried just waiting him out or taking both of them on really long walks but neither of those did anything. Anyone else experienced anything like this or have any other thoughts?

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