Going on holiday – leaving 8month old girl with fanily!

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Hi all,

I am leaving for my honeymoon in a couple of days and will be gone for 2 weeks. I am leaving my 8month old mixed breed (maybe staffy) puppy in the care of my mother and father in law. She has met them many times and been to their house many times (every week since we adopted her over 5 months ago). She likes them and is always excited to see them, but obviously doesn't love them or have the same bond as she does with us.

She has had multiple 1-2 night stays with them over the past few months and all have gone well.

She will stay at their house when they are home but if they go out and can't take her with them, they will drop her off at our place (their house is NOT puppy proof).

To help them and her I've written instructions on what to feed her/when, how to keep her entertained (Kong ideas etc) and tips and tricks to deal with her personality (she is very scared of humans but loves dogs). We will be leaving a piece of each of our clothing so she has our smell along with her food, toys, bed, leash, collar, treats etc.

They'll probably walk her every day, and it doesn't take much to tire her out. They also have a dog, but it's not much of a playmate for her as he is a grumpy old man haha.

Is there anything I'm not thinking of? Anyone else had a similar experience? Honestly i am very nervous to leave her, probably due to my childhood dog dying when I was on holidays when I was in highschool. I think this had made me overly scared


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