Glamorous chihuahua gets Beyonc-themed maternity photo shoot

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Beyonc broke the internet, and quite possibly the world, when she announced her pregnancy at the start of February.

Just in case you’ve been in living underground for the past couple of weeks, Beyonc’s pregnancy announcement came in the form of a now iconic Instagram photo. Queen B is regally accommodated in front of a cascade of buds, with a fragile light-green curtain resting over her head.

Almost immediately, parties tried to emulate Beyonc’s look, ironically or otherwise. And now even pups are channeling their inner goddess with a Beyonc-themed maternity photo shoot.

Meet Gwen, a goody chihuahua who is about to become a momma dog.

Gwen’s owner, Geovanna, has known about her maternity for a while but wasn’t quite sure how to announce it to the world.

“I didn’t know how, ” Geovanna said, “but when I accompanied Beyonc announce hers it was the perfect fit since my bird-dog is having twinneds as well.”

Image: Geovanna Hernandez/ twitter

Geovanna nailed Beyonc’s look by dressing Gwen up with sheer green fabric and ensuring the backdrop had ample blooms. Gwen is even rocking a dark red ribbon, that very much resembles the dark red bra that Beyonc wears in her Instagram photo.

Image: Geovanna Hernandez/ twitter

Image: Geovanna Hernandez/ twitter

“She is due to have the babies by Feb. 14 or 15, ” Geovanna told us.

We wish Gwen all the best. Her twins will be luck to have such a glamorous and on-trend mother.

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