Gigi Hadid Thinks Taylor Swift Invented Friendship

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Everyone desires a good #squadgoals post on Instagram. I necessitate , not, like, real #squadgoals uprights — I dont give a shit what you and your fuggo acquaintances are up to. I make funny ones, where its like a picture of a bunch of puppies or ducklings or something, and everyone has a good laugh and is moving forward. But for some people, squadding is serious business. Take Gigi Hadid, for example, a person who had Im sure is famous for a ground and likewise happens to be part of Taylor Swifts squad, which is like the gold better standards of forces. For Gigi and Taytay, theirs is more than a crew. Its about empowerment, or some shit? I dunno, this is what she told Elle Canada 😛 TAGEND

That doesnt making such a gumption, but then again Gigi Hadid reads at what I assume is a 7th grade level. I also dont think shes ever had, like, an actual pal. What shes describing isnt some fucking revolutionary event, thats just how pals treat each other. Being TSwifts personal butthole waxer in exchange for having her say to you youre pretty and occasionally use you as a prop during her concerts isnt a generational paradigm alter in friendship — it just seems that way of persons who fantasized Mean Girls was a documentary.

Everyone take a moment today to thank Taylor Swift, master of karate and friendship for everyone.

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