Giardia Can Be Defeated!

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I recently combed frantically through the posts here for giardia info and tips after my 9-month-old puppy tested positive. Luckily, she got negative test results today after one round of meds! It can be done!

Here is what we did, specifically (note that she did not have any symptoms before, during, or after treatment and this was caught by a required quarterly fecal test by her daycare):

5 days' worth of Panacur washed all carpets she had scooted her booty on as well as the couches, pillows, and bed comforter washed her dog bed, crate tray, and blankets several times gave her a bath wiped her bottom after going poop picked up poop right away off the ground when it was on the grass or when it was on the snow, shoveled the snow into an area of the backyard she would not be able to sniff/access kept a more careful watch than ever as to what she licked, ate, and sniffed

I am SO happy that we can bring her back to daycare soon! I feel like I just can't entertain her the way a fellow puppy can sometimes and I'm sure she'll be happy to be back! And I will be happy to get a break 🙂

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