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TLDR: Any recommendations on other foods I can feed her for a bland diet that aren’t exactly time consuming, would be greatly appreciated! My vet suggested canned chicken with little to no sodium, but I’m not even sure where I’d get that. They also suggested Hill’s perscription diet wet food, but it is quite pricey. I’m not against it, but if this is a month long process of trying to get her GI back on track, that’s going to get real expensive.

My 4 month old Bernadoodle pup was diagnosed with Giardia on Sunday and we were told to give her a ‘bland diet’. So far that has meant boiling and shredding chicken (tried to give her rice but she didn’t eat it).

She is also on Panacur and was on proviable until we ran out yesterday. We had been introducing kibble slowly back into her diet starting on Wednesday night (perhaps that was too soon). She was doing great for the past few days, poops looking more solid, and then had another diarrhea episode last night.

So back to the bland diet we go. Is there anything I can give her besides having to boil and shred chicken every single time? I was hoping to get some pre-shredded meat at costco/Safeway but they all have some additional flavoring in there.

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