Giant Pit Bull Hulk’s $500,000 Puppy Litter

Giant Pit Bull Hunk's $500,000 Puppy Trash
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THE globe's biggest pit bull snuggles as much as his charming new trash – valued at a massive half-a-million bucks. The 8 pups were fathered by gentle giant Hunk, who evaluates in at a huge 12 stone. Or even though his owners say his bite could 'snap a male's arm like a toothpick', right here he flaunts his softer side by nuzzling and licking his new brood. The 8 dogs could jointly regulate $500,000 (₤ 320,000) if they experience proprietor Marlon Grennan's training camp to become elite security dogs. And also there are even wishes one of the brand-new set might one day expand huge sufficient to steal their daddy's crown. Hulk, who made worldwide headings when he was revealed previously this year, has likewise remained in training to become a defense pet at Dark Empire K9s in New Hampshire, UNITED STATE. The business products protection dogs to prominent celebs, billionaires as well as wealthy specialists – as well as police worldwide.

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Videographer/ Supervisor: Ruaridh Connellan
Producer: John Balson, Chloe Browne
Editor: Joshua Douglas, Sonia Estal, Ian Phillips


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88 thoughts on “Giant Pit Bull Hulk’s $500,000 Puppy Litter

  1. justsomeawesome dude

    $500000 dollars for a puppy! I rather by a house what if the dog dies the
    other day? You just wasted tons of money for nothing XD

    1. justsomeawesome dude

      +Lena Požgaj​​ baby? Who in the right mind will go to the trouble to steal
      a baby 😂 their worth less, and there are way cheaper (and probably
      better?) dogs for the job.

    1. Charlie And Lola

      Erick Holmberg actually is does matter because I wouldn’t buy a dog from
      someone who doesn’t even know the fucking breed it is and he has the
      bloodlines and he lies about his dogs claiming they are pit bulls but they
      are actually mastiff mix dogs and it’s true you can check their fucking
      pedigrees and bloodlines I don’t fucking lie dumbass clearly you like
      people who lie

    1. Les Brown

      Try kicking their door in.
      Ever watch any of his training video?
      He is a relaxed gentle giant normally, but he is a young and powerful dog

    2. Apothegmatic Reality

      Matt de Oliveira He’s a gentle giant who knows when he should be excited
      and when he needs to be calm 🙂 Hulk’s a big old softy.

  2. Nizzar Alexander

    Pls don’t buy because I can ensue you that his puppies won’t be as big as
    hulk. He’s just lucky to have him. Mastiff plus Pitbull that’s what you
    get. Even hulks siblings aren’t as big as him so pls don’t buy or you’ll be
    disappointed. If you spend that much money, get a Tibetan mastiff much more
    rare and valuable. Love the hulk but can’t stand the dickhead owner. An ex
    crack head who got lucky just once with hulk

    1. J-Rok Bird

      Sveinn Faltskog seems like you know the owner and all of his personal
      business. Or are just assuming all of this with your opinions?

  3. Ally Ramirez

    Don’t sell the puppies cause people can put them in dog fights and they can
    probably get badly injured.

    1. Oscar Calixto

      Ally Hurtado no the why you think people would want to buy them and the
      owner won’t care because it’s all about the money, your young so u have a
      lot to learn in life

  4. HercULAS

    why is he always panting? even in the bathroom and a relaxed state his
    panting. i doubt its the heat since his in water so he should be cooled. my
    only guess is that his heart is working too hard which is not healthy

    1. slopcrusher

      HercULAS dogs don’t just pant to cool themselves down, they pant to show a
      range of emitions, happiness, stress, anguish, and fear

    2. HercULAS

      slopcrusher out of the four you listed 3 of them are negative emotions lol
      so it’s more likely those negative emotions that he is feeling. say what
      you will, in my opinion he doesn’t looks healthy. his heart seems to be
      working too hard. it’s the result of selective breeding.

    3. Amy rose5545

      HercULAS Panting helps a dog cool off all dogs will pants it’s NOT a sign
      of tiredness it a sign of oh I’m hot I need water

  5. Cody Ruhl

    you guys are awesome I love pitbulls well I love dogs. But pitbulls since
    they get such a bad rap in the year 2000 I just love them so much and I
    respect what you guys are doing your dog Hulk is nothing but a big baby and
    I don’t mean that in a bad way I mean he’s just a big teddy bear but when
    he needs to be mean he will get mean just like any dog …. pitbulls back
    in the early nineteen hundreds or known as the nanny dogs because they
    would babysit parents children’s while they went out on the town but are
    amazing animals and I respect you guys so much and I think you for putting
    a video videos like this out thank youto teach idiots about pits

  6. Mharzkie Bandiala

    i really pit bulls i just dnt kmow why but i love them i dont know why
    people are scared of pit bulls cuz they are aggressive? i mean chiuahuas
    are agressive too im sory i dnt know how to spell that and i think pitbulls
    are good..

    1. goddessmelanisia

      1: you are more likely to be bitten by a small dog than a large dog. 2: Pit
      bulls were actually bred to be “nanny dogs” for the care and protection of
      children. 3: These dogs are properly trained, for protection. (Untrained
      dogs are MUCH more dangerous) I would absolutely trust Hulk around my child.

    2. Leif The DragonKiller

      Pitbulls are different from other dogs because they copy their owners
      behavior,so if you are mean to him he will attack people,but when you give
      him lots of loving attention he will be very loving.

  7. Leonardo Martinez

    The most dangerous dog for me is the chihuahua they always bite I had a pit
    bull sadly he died his name was max

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