Giant breed puppy is super unaware of his size.

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My pup is a 5 month old Central Asian Ovcharka. He’s a large boy, approximately 95lbs so far. Which is fine, except he’s a typical uncoordinated puppy and likes to throw his body around without a care in the world. Which brings me to the problem.. it hurts. How do I encourage him to be more gentle? Should I just grit my teeth and deal with it until he grows out of it (which I suspect he will as he gains his bearings)? It almost seems as if a lot of it is accidental. We’ll be playing and he’ll trip himself up and launch himself into my legs. Maybe there’s something I can do to encourage him to be calmer so these things don’t happen? But I don’t want to discourage him from being a puppy, either. It’s not a pressing issue, but he’s done some damage to my already sprained ankle so if anyone has a bit of advice it would be appreciated. Here is my beefy boy.

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