Getting ready to adopt a 10 week old puppy while we already have a 5 month old puppy in the house. Are we crazy?

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Hey everyone! We need some advice/recommendations. In two days, we’ll be rescuing a 10 week old shepherd/lab mix and bringing her home to meet her (unrelated) brother, a 5 month old golden retriever/pit bull mutt.

Our boy is well behaved, basically house trained (only has accidents when it’s raining outside) and is progressing fantastically with obedience classes. He’s well socialized, friendly, loves every dog he meets and is just an overall good boy. We love raising him and have decided we wanted another dog to add to our pack. We could’ve waited a bit longer, but fell in love with this girl and figured we’d rather deal with the puppy phases all at once. We’re prepared for the craziness but also realize we’re heading into uncharted territory. But my boyfriend and I are working from home for at least another two months, so we figured we better send it now since we may not have as much time to invest in puppy raising in the future.

Anyway, I was just wondering if any of you had a similar experience, raising two pups at once. Just looking for some tips, tricks, etc. We’re all ears!

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