Getting my first puppy. Any advice or must haves?

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Hi there! In two weeks, I am getting an male Australian Shepherd puppy (around 8 wks old by that time) and I’m very excited! I’ve never really had a pet that I had and kept with me as my own besides a goldfish when I was around ten years old.

However, due to this being the first pet I’ve had, I need advice. First off, what would you lovely Aussie parents say are your must have essentials or advice for training (house training, crate training, etc)? Second, I work a part time job mostly on weekends so usually I’m home Monday-Thursday. I usually work anywhere from 4 to 6 hrs each day on the weekends. I’m also a college student but I’m taking virtual classes this semester. My mother is home during the weekends but there is one weekend in October that she will be gone and I may need to leave him alone for a few hrs during the day. I’m worried that a) he will get too attached to me being home and when I leave, he will be self-destructive and/or b) he will chew up stuff while I’m gone. Any advice on how to prevent this? Some people suggested keeping them in a crate during that time but considering that Australian Shepherds are extremely energetic, I’m not sure how comfortable I am with that. But then again, I’ve never own a dog before so what do I know.

Also, I have a fairly big yard (and I plan on taking full advantage of that with having an energetic dog!!) but I’m terrified that one day I’m going to be playing with him outside and/or I’ll leave him outside with some space to play while I’m gone and he’ll run away. Any advice on how to prevent this?

Anyways. thanks so much in advance! Any advice or words of wisdom could be appreciated!

P.S. Like I said, I’m completely new to this so please forgive me if I sound silly asking these questions. I promise I’m trying my best!!

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