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We have a 3-month old 50/50 Blue Heeler/Aussie Shepherd puppy, female. We've had her a little over a month. She was 7-8 weeks old when we got her, came from a dairy farm. We also live on a small farm. Here's a few pics from when I got her to actually stand still for a second

I spend some time working with her on training every single day. At least 5-10 minutes, maybe up to 30 minutes total spread out across a few sessions. Basic commands like Sit, Stay, Lay Down, Look at Me, Go to your House (kennel), etc. I use verbal reinforcement like "Yes!" and "Good girl" and training treats, or sometimes I just tear off tiny pieces of lunchmeat or hot dog (each piece about the size of my fingernail).

I get frustrated with her lack of attention sometimes, but I'm just not sure what to expect at 3 months of age after a month of pretty consistent training. She is REALLY easily distracted and training sessions sometimes end before they start just because someone else walked into the room or a truck drives by or she sees a cat off in the distance. She doesn't come for shit when called.

She definitely has moments of extraordinary focus. Watches me intently (er, maybe watches the treat bag intently), follows commands without hesitation, she's "in the zone." I take advantage of this whenever I can, for as long as I can, until she gets distracted again and pops out of that mindset. I can tell she's trying really hard, sometimes I'll see her look at me, then sit, then lay down, then go in the kennel and sit, I'm not saying a word but she's looking at me like "Is this what I'm supposed to do next?". We're working really hard on playing fetch, I know she's got tons of energy and this would be a great way to help work it off.

Potty training I feel is literally going nowhere. She cannot be out of direct sight inside the home for even a second. Her nose is to the ground sniffing around almost 100% of the time regardless of what she's doing, so it's hard to read her body language on when she's about to go. At this point her freedom consists of 1) back yard 2) in the kennel 3) in the house on a leash attached to my (or someone's) belt. The one place where she's good about not using the bathroom is inside her kennel, she makes it through the night just fine.

Anyway, sorry for the long post, just looking for advice here from folks who probably know more about this than I do.

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