Getting another cat for my cat (because she doesn’t get along with my pup)?

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Not exactly a puppy topic, but I have my pup for 6 months now (she is 8 m/o) and she is very playful around my old cat, which my cat doesn't quite like. I made a safe haven for my cat in my bedroom by gating it off, I have been trying to train my pup to not try to play with my cat (without much success yet) since it is mostly her skittish movement that agitates the cat.

The issue is that my cat feels lonely hanging out in my bedroom. I'm in this weird situation where I have been sleeping in the living room with my puppy while my cat hangs out in my bedroom. I hope that my cat will eventually get the courage to hang out in the living room, which she does sometimes, but immediately gets peeved by the puppy trying to play with her; if she ignored the puppy, I think the puppy will stop trying to play with her, but she swats at my puppy with her (declawed by previous owner) paws, which my puppy takes to be a sort of "play". I have various elevated hangouts in the living room but the cat doesn't use them.

I do hang out with my cat from time to time but I can tell that it isn't really enough socialization for the cat. Any advice would be appreciated thanks!

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