Getting a puppy was WAY more work than I could have ever imagined

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My boyfriend got us an 8 wk old Samoyed puppy for Christmas this year. I’d never had a dog before, and of course I super excited and thought it was exactly what I wanted.

The next month was awful. Absolutely awful. I got so frustrated with house training and puppy antics in general that I didn’t want to be around the pup at all! I was frustrated that this dog peed constantly. Like all the time. I used to describe him as being 12lbs of just pee. We’d put out pee pads, he would tear them up and then pee on the floor. We’d take him out to pee and then 5 minutes later he would pee on the floor. I was mopping multiple times a day!!

And then there’s the biting. Constantly nipping and play fighting and as much as I tried to keep a toy between my hand and his teeth, he still somehow managed to get me.

He wouldn’t listen, he didn’t like the leash, he wouldn’t poop unless we let him free in the back yard, the list goes on and on.

But here we are now. 8 weeks later. And my floof boy barked at the back door two days in a row!! He has only had a couple accidents in the past week, which is a huge difference. He walks on a leash, he poops on the leash, he knows 9 different commands; 5 of which he can do in any setting, not just at home.

He’s not even close to perfect, and the biting is still a problem, but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

This sub has helped me immensely. I thought I was alone in my struggles, that there was something wrong with my pup. A lot of the websites I read about potty training said “potty training is easy as pie if you do these things!” And it was so frustrating when I was doing whatever they said, and he was still peeing constantly.

But hey, it’s getting better!

P.s. he peed on the floor as I was writing this of course sigh

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