German shepherd/lab mix puppy can’t play without getting bitten.

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Hello, I have a 7 month, non neutered, male german shepherd/lab mix puppy named Apollo. He is very high energy, but very friendly and well socialized, with people at least.

There is a dog park right across from my apartment building that we go to often. He has played with many dogs there, since the snow melted in early March, but I have noticed that most dogs he plays with, seem to not like him. Most of these dogs have been medium sized, whereas he is only a little taller than them, but A LOT heavier. I know that once or twice the other dog was friendly until Apollo knocked them down a few times, but more often what has happened is that Apollo sniffs the other dog and instead of really sniffing him at all they begin growling, snarling, or biting him.

I assumed at first that maybe it was because the dogs were younger and smaller until yesterday when a dog full on attacked(the only obvious provocation was sniffing) and a fight broke out between them. This dog was fully grown and about Apollo's size(but probably mostly fur).

I think it's worth saying that there have been 2 times when playing went very well, but these dogs were both twice Apollo's size and they were both adult dogs.

I have had a similar experience with another dog I used to have where he played fine until he was fully grown and was a lot bigger than the other dogs that were nice to him as a puppy, but I'm more concerned now because it's with every dog he meets.

Could it be that Apollo has bad manners? Is he too rough for a heavy dog(I would estimate his weight at 80 pounds give or take)? I don't want to keep him away from playing with other dogs because he loves it so much, but I rarely see dogs bigger than him at the park.

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