German Shep, 3 yrs, becoming snappish at dog park

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I've had my gal since she was 3 months old. She was super submissive and would 'scream' if another dog came near her. Spayed at 14 months old, lives with a cat. Jump forward to 3 yrs old she's fine w/ a happy-go-lucky type of dog (and will play) but now she is more confident and if any dog wants to sniff her longer than she feels they should, she stiffens, that dog stiffens and a squabble ensues. This is a new behavior for her as before, she'd sniff and quickly move on. She has always been toy possessive, growling and walking away w/ the toy in her mouth around other dogs – never human. We've been going to the dog park more and her confidence is growing. Unfortunately so is her attitude. How can I stop this new 'irritable' or 'wanna start something' attitude from escalating? (this is also posted in 'reactivedogs' – sorry for repeat)

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