Garfield’s Creator Weighs In On Disturbing Fan Theory

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I’m outraged at you people. How dare you even hold that His Holiness, Jim Davis, would create anything but healthful, kinfolk friendly, cat-centric feeling? Like that series of deprives in which it turns out Garfield lives in an vacated live, and is driven absurd by his loneliness. Jon and Odie are hallucinations devised by his love-starved decompose brain. Family. Friendly. Fun .

So no, Jon didn’t gulp down a health swig of puppy semen, you outraging subverts. He simply gulped down a healthy swig of dog birthrate dope. There’s nothing more pedigree friendly than birthrate drugs, that’s how we get families in the first place! You may ask why there’s a piping hot cup of dog fertility medicine standing right next to Garfield in the vet’s place. You may also ask why Jon would blindly pick up a goblet of fluid at a vet’s place and shotgun it. Those are valid interrogates, and ones readily refuted if you know a little bit of Garfield lore. Firstly, according to canon: Jon is an idiot. He’s a slack-jawed just functional adult who, after years of dealing with Garfield’s abuse, has had the last scant ember of his sanity splutter out. He will booze any whodunit liquid he spots , no matter different contexts. The nature and all the things in it are a constant riddle to him. He bumbles around, trying doorways and picking situations off the sand and fastening them in his opening, naive as a newborn child.


So there’s your answer to that theme. But why would there be dog fertility pharmaceuticals next to Garfield? Well, as we’ve already established, the entire Garfield universe( The Garfyverse) is a figment of an crazed cat’s atrophying psyche. As the neural connections in his prefrontal cortex started to mes and become withered, Garfield’s ability to ground decreases. “I am “cat-o-nine-tail”, ” he supposes sluggishly. “Cat going to see veterinarian. Vet clear the puppies. Suck the puppy drink. Jon idiot. Hate Mondays … hate.” Shhh, sleep, Garfield. Sleep. Make the holy darkness take you.

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