44 thoughts on “Funny Guilty Dogs Compilation 2013

  1. Katherine Flinn

    It’s really interesting to hear what people named their dogs. I like Thor,
    though he really destroyed that shoe!

  2. Aaron Hersey

    Dog: If I look away maybe they won’t see me.

    Now if it was a cat…

    Cat: Yeah I did that, now stop bothering me or I’ll piss on your pillow.

    1. Daniel Wayne

      Cesar Milan says in the Dog Whisperer that animals rolling on their back
      show their belly as a demonstration of vulnerability. For example, if you
      have a dog barking and growling at you, but you get the dog to stay rolling
      on his back (by forcing him), he won’t bark or growl at you again because
      you have demonstrated you are more alpha. I think it’s kind of an apology

    2. LoveDog AnyBreed

      In german it means: “Beschwichtigen”. Sorry i don’t know it in english. It
      means the Dog is saying: Sorry and forgive me

    3. Dramatic11

      They are trying to surrender and show their owners they are innocent.
      That’s what dogs do in the wild to show they mean no harm. Basically “Ik so
      sorry that I trust you with my life”

    1. jname96

      exactly. It’s saying: I give up. I’m on my back, not even defending myself.
      In this context, it’s admitting guilt cuz they’re not “Defending” their
      innocence at all!

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