74 thoughts on “Funny Dogs Video Compilation 2015

  1. Gizelle Nieves

    ok so, that dog that was humping the girls arm. why was she letting him do
    that? my dog would’ve got smacked dumb quick

    1. kittycatrose 1

      Y’all need to chill and my dog he gets hit and he never does it again but
      first I say No if he doesn’t stop he gets hit

    1. Arianna Rivera (Natasha212)

      Maurice Mijnders nahh I’m no match for God. he’s too superior 💙. but thank
      you though lol. it was corny but sweet 😊

    1. Mairin Fuentes

      soundseeker63 O a menos que vaya por el bonito yo también yo sé que mañana
      tú le dices que vaya en la mañana voy

    1. Annie Thornton

      your dog needs it anal glands expressed. You can take him/her to the vet or
      a groomer to have it done, or you can do it yourself. Just look online how
      to do it, its easy, but can be gross.


    I…LOVED…the part when Mickey touched the dog and the dog bit him on the
    finger and how he screamed

  3. cubomania3

    The dog who can open the fridge and literally gets in it could be in
    danger. Even if his owners left the house for a “short while” they can’t
    know for sure if they’ll make it back or not, {car accidents and so on}.
    So, who will open the door to let him out or will he suffocate in the
    fridge if they leave and forget to remove the towels from the door handle ?

    1. Mopsy Wopsy

      not only that but the area looked super dirty… and the fridge did also.
      the towel was dirty and the ground of the fridge… so maybe that’s like a
      basement area or the garage so the dog isnt open to that area when parents
      are gone. but i mean if theyre drunks and that is their actual fridge in
      their house then they shouldnt be allowed a dog bc they cant even take care
      of themselves.


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