54 thoughts on “Funny Dogs Protecting Babies Compilation 2015

  1. LB

    When the dog is not allowing the parent to touch or pick up the baby, it’s
    not protecting it – because it knows the parent is the parent and safe –
    it’s just showing dominant behavior over the parent by “claiming” the baby.
    Not cute at all!

  2. Sophiie Ward

    The amount of dogs that are like “do not tickle my little human!” so cute!
    Love the Pomeranian with the cookie though T.T

    1. Anna Kuchina

      Reverse “Jesus” = “Susej” (sausage)
      Reverse “Jesus” + “God” = Sausage dog
      i deserve a round of applause lol

  3. candycanepet aj

    it’s even worse when ur dog has had pups before and they just stalk you

    like they know that you won’t hurt it but they still have this look

    1. pakjai

      Philo Lomba yes that was beautiful. Food is the one thing animals love the
      most, it was willing to give that to the baby willingly.

    1. Miserable Masquerade

      Dog videos are my weakness. I know these type of videos are cash grabs
      but… it’s just so fucking cute :3

  4. Chloe wilson

    The woman at 3:20 is wrong. Don’t do play hitting. I know you are not
    hurting anyone but that is a no, no.

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