Funny dogs and babies talking – Cute dog & baby compilation

Enjoy this funny cat video clip as well as you will never leave your pet cat home alone again:p.

Right here's a collection of pets as well as babies having some kind of discussions. Isn't it cute when canines or pups and infants try to talk and also connect;-RRB- Hope you like our compilation, please share it and also SUBSCRIBE! Enjoy additionally our other video clips!

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38 thoughts on “Funny dogs and babies talking – Cute dog & baby compilation

  1. TwentyØneCryBabies InTheBlueNeighborhood

    How it really goes:
    Baby: OK mommy is taking me to the kitchen I’ll go get the bottle
    Dog : if I give you the soccer ball will you get the dog treats?
    Baby : DEAL!!!

    1. Nikhilesh Surve

      +Anamika C.​​​​ LOL but apparently you as well coz you didn’t know it’s
      Football either but I’d guess your parents probably do.

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    1. Joshua Spinelli

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  4. Ruben Carmona

    i wouldn’t never let a dog lick my baby’s face or mouth. dog use their
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