Funny Cats Compilation [Most See] Funny Cat Videos Ever Part 1


Amusing Cats Compilation – Funny Pet cat Video clips – Amusing Videos
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Amusing Felines Collection
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Amusing Cats and Canines Compilation August 2016 NEW
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Funny Felines Collection
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Amusing Felines Compilation
Funny Pet cats Compilation:


  1. A lot of cats being abused in this video,shame so many people liked
    it,especially all you dickheads who are so lazy with your cat grooming that
    you have to bath your cat,I’ve owned cats for forty years now and never
    hade to bath one,and no I don’t mean shorthair cats I share my life and
    home with Maine coons.wankers

  2. i like to look these videos because my cat died. some driver drived over
    him and he (cat) camed alive to home but then died :'(

  3. did someone find 1:06 funny cause that cat has been so tramatized it
    screams when when it sees a human face thats horrible

  4. some of these clips were cute, but the whole section of cats hissing &
    fighting to protect themselves was just wrong, the poor cats that were
    cornered were terrified. No one should do that to their pet.

  5. Some of the situations were indeed quite funny. Other situations put the
    cats in danger, or really scared them. For that, I give you two thumbs

    • Wow really? THAT is your gripe? You do know what a compilation is right?
      That is when people just string all videos, both decent and crappy
      (apparently) together and publish it as ONE video… I would think you
      would gripe about all of the stupid SUBSCRIBE HERE and videos with very
      crappy resolution being taken from OTHER compilations. NEvermind the lack
      of thought to cut OUT duplicate videos… I must be out of touch.


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