Funny cats annoying owners – Cute cat compilation


Enjoy this amusing cat video and also you will certainly never ever leave your pet cat house alone again:p.

Pet cats are funny as well as charming however occasionally they can be a genuine nuisance:P Soo annoying as well as destructive! They break lamps, glasses, scratch furniture, they climb on our heads and trousers, make mess, destroy toilet paper and so forth. Yet they are still extremely charming and also we like them:-RRB- Hope you like our collection, please share it as well as SUBSCRIBE! Watch likewise our other videos!

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  1. Cat people: Fur everywhere and is adorable
    Dog people: Energetic enough to play with a dog
    Fish people: ………

    • +SilentDream1989
      Nope. He turned right into the fan, sprayed, and when he got hit, he was
      shocked, SHOCKED, and I laughed, and laughed. He was a great cat.

    • I don’t understand. Don’t male cats spray backwards? So how did the pee get
      to hit his face, which would have been facing in the opposite direction?

    • SIlent Dream: I suppose anything is possible, but I have had more than one
      male cat that sprayed, and none of them ever did it with their heads turned
      to see how they were aiming. They were quite content just to hit the wall.

  2. my cat wakes me up every morning about 7 am to get me to lift the sheets so
    he can go under them and cuddle with me. Or he lies on my face til I move.

  3. The one and only bad thing about a cat is around Christmas time. They would
    ruin the hell out of the Christmas tree. Our Christmas tree would look so
    pretty and then 2 weeks later it looks like a mess

    • but Christmas is all about the atmosphere and what can be better than a cat
      who makes fun of the Christmas tree and a family members who chase him
      away. xD A house is not a home without those little things.
      I feel sorry for people for whom everything has to be perfect

    • Capiche Madafakas yeah until you have to replace your tree every year
      because kitty keeps breaking it or risks getting electrocuted by munching
      on the lights…

  4. A cat that we helped along time ago was taken away fromt he mother too
    early and he used to think my ear was a nipple -lol


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