Funny cats and dogs begging for food – Cute animal compilation

Some felines and dog's are actually funny when they are asking for food. Just look just what they do to obtain something to eat;-RRB- Hope you like our compilation, please share it as well as SUBSCRIBE! View likewise our other video clips!

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54 thoughts on “Funny cats and dogs begging for food – Cute animal compilation

  1. Matt Plays

    Ok honestly it’s not nice to even eat in front of your pets cus if you
    already know they are gonna beg for some it’s just straight up rude and
    teasing them.👎

    1. Nancy Farkas

      Um I have never fed my cats anything but cat food. I don’t care if they
      beg. What people eat is their business.

  2. Pearl

    The cats are like “why am I even doing this?” and the dogs are like

  3. Aidan Keogh

    I usually feed the dog around 6:00 in the evening. He will sit completely
    still and stare at me from about 4:00 in the afternoon onwards.
    He won’t make any noise, but he’ll follow me absolutely everywhere, sit
    down, and just stare pleadingly.

  4. iamonarch

    This is so weird to see that they all pretty much beg the same way. I’ve
    never seen any of cats do this…

    1. Richard Smith

      +Nekorin Kagamine Naw, she is thin, but damn, you would think she hasn’t
      eaten for a month every morning.

    1. Kittyrella the Lovely

      Lance Anderson You are not supposed to reply that just because you want to
      look cool
      Let’s burn you with fire

    2. Lance Anderson

      Kittyrella the Lovely
      I couldn’t be bothered if I looked cool or not check out my YouTube channel
      it’s got nothing on it I don’t even care about this account.
      All I did was type what came to mind ;p

  5. Mimi 605

    The dogs are like: GIMME ME MA FOOOOOOOD!
    The cats are like: can you get the food for me, pls? Oh whatever….

  6. Laura Chouinard

    I saw my dog doing this, I even took a picture. But I would never have
    thought that cats were doing this too.


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