Funny babies annoying dogs – Cute dog & baby compilation

See this funny cat video and you will certainly never ever leave your cat home alone once more:p.

Babies are cute and also good however occasionally they can be truly irritating. Just look just how they irritate bad person canines:P They are just playing yet I make sure pet dogs don't such as when they climb up over them, ride them, shout and so on;-RRB- Hope you like our compilation, please share it as well as SUBSCRIBE! Enjoy additionally our various other video clips!

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42 thoughts on “Funny babies annoying dogs – Cute dog & baby compilation

    1. Docentino1914

      There’s a couple problems with this: Who exactly do you think should
      disallow that? And who is to decide what is annoying the dog, how badly,
      and where to set the limits? Also, people’s dogs are usually like their
      family members – family members often annoy each other — should that be
      not allowed too?
      Some of the games I play with my dog is basically “annoying her” (like
      putting a sock on her snout) to her those are games and she loves it.

    2. Docentino1914

      +Pine To The Cone If there was even a shadow of doubt about a dog’s ability
      to do something like that – personally, I wouldn’t allow it near toddlers
      at all. But any healthy dog will signal its annoyance (and often just
      leave) many times over and loong before doing anything close to snapping or
      Either way: who would let a baby play with ANY dog unsupervised anyway? (a
      person that irresponsible shouldn’t be having kids or dogs – that I’ll
      agree to) I mean, a dog is way more likely to hurt a toddler just by being

  1. thoughtank101

    It scares me when i see babies jumping around on big never know
    when the dog has had enough.

    1. unrepentant, straight , white devil

      There are still dogs who are the biggest Aholes on earth. I would never
      leave a dog alone with a child of mine!

    2. Jyoti b

      straight, white devil, you really need to get your head examined!!! do you
      see any dog being bad to the kids despite all that is being done to them!!

  2. Joe Kyle

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  3. Jeanna Theis

    What is with all of the fuss about the dogs being tortured and calling
    these innocent children brats? If the dogs were being tortured they would
    show signs of pain. This is nothing but pure innocence and bonding.

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