Funniest Puppy Fights and Funny Fails – Top 10 Funny Little Dog Videos – Puppy Vines 2015


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  1. They are all just so adorable and amazing! How can anyone be so mean to
    them and not just love them?! Animals are the best, can’t image not having
    them and loving them! Thank you for such a wonderful video of cuties!

    • lol yes we don’t have the typical color, we have a blue brindle and he’s
      absoultely stunning. I wanted a Shiba Inu but my husband was DYING for an
      Akita Inu so you kno who won that argument! I get next pick of dog though
      😉 I want to have a shiba someday but an older one and already been through
      puppy training. Akita is so hard to train lol but he’s getting it.

    • Somanii Khouninn I can get Akita from my dad’s friend,but he is too big for
      our apartament…
      we need smaller dog like shiba…

    • +Comi Nestasna devojcica We live in an apartment and our Akita does fine.
      You just have to take him on 2-3 walks every day and take him to dog parks
      every other days or a couple times a week. Our little guy is hyper at night
      but we just play rope with him and then he’s ok. But then again our little
      guy is lazy sometimes lol


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